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Skin Prep is a must have for all ages, but it's a critical step for anyone over 40. Made for sensitive, delicate skin.

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Sonia Roselli Skinprep for Makeup Collection
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Have it All
Have it All
Sonia Roselli Skinprep for Makeup Collection
Have it All
Have it All
Have it All
Have it All
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Looking for a spa at home to give yourself a little self love?

Our full collection of skin care includes all of our skin care products as well as a Tiger's Eye Brush soap to keep your makeup brushes clean and sanitary.

This kit includes:

Instantly exfoliate your face and body with a quick sweep of the hands. sexApeel™️ is a gommage exfoliation that is popular in Korea. sexApeel™️ leaves your skin free of all the nasty crusty flakes. You'll be a smooth operator.

Our new, all-clean formula will leave you as smooth as a baby's backside.

A light, liquid moisturizer and serum in one that helps your extremely parched skin feel normal again. Improves the skin's texture so that makeup lays nicely on the skin. Helps relieve dehydration, dryness, redness,, malnourishment in your skin.

A lightweight, kick-ass dual-phase facial oil that is not only lubricating but hydrating. Great for all skin tones. Yes, even you, oily skin.

Think of it as lube for your face (yes, we went there). Your skin needs hydration (water) and lubrication (oils) to be balanced and have a healthy glow. Water Oil marries oil and water together to create the most amazing facial oil you will ever put on your face

A must-have for over-40 skin.

A five-in-one multi-purpose gel crème that kicks your parched skin in the ass. Great for travel, Water Balm is your moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream, and makeup primer all in one. Plump up fine lines and wrinkles and any skin issues you may have and be smooth as a baby's bum.

Artist Tip: Don't you dare go without Water Balm for any important event. Like, never!

Cleanse your face in one easy step without stripping your skin. This beautiful cleanser helps your skin maintain its delicate skin barrier. Yes even you, oily skin gal, can use JCO. Not only will it clean your face quickly and easily, JCO makes you feel like you have your life together.

Using the latest Japanese innovation, Japanese Cleansing Oil is a makeup remover and facial cleanser in one.

Tiger's Eye Brush Soap cleans your makeup brushes quickly so you can get back to work, but it won't leave any film or residue on your brushes.

With natural disinfectant like honey and tea tree oil, you'll know your makeup brushes are truly clean.

what the pros are saying...

The whole line will take you from sandpaper Sally to glass skin Gloria. It’s like unicorn glitter that Sonia found & packaged up just for us.

Quincee Carter Makeup Artist
Quincee Carter, Pro Makeup Artist

From young to mature skin, the entire line transforms skin into the most supple, smooth glow, which in turn makes the makeup look effortless!

Melissa Chestnut, Pro Makeup Artist

My mother is 67, a former sun worshipping goddess and nothing has proven as effective on her delicate, sun-blemished skin as Sonia’s skincare!

Erica Meyer, Pro Makeup Artist


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