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Sheer Shadow

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Sheer Shadow

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Goat & Synthetic

Use With:
Eyeshadows & setting powders 

You Get:
A fresh, bright eyed makeup look.

Why you'll love it:
Great for those of you who want a no makeup, makeup look.
This is the best eyeshadow brush for first dates or days when you want to look fresh and effortless. 
You will also love this brush because of it’s dual functionality. This is the best makeup brush for setting loose powder underneath your eye. 

Makeup Tip:
Using this brush for setting powder underneath the eye will lock concealers into place. Setting your concealer with loose powder will help keep your concealer from creasing.

Apply the desired amount of shadow to your brush and apply all over the eye. When using this brush to set concealer, apply a very thin amount of powder and use the angled tips under the eye so you don’t disrupt the eyeliner or mascara.