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The Nude Makeup Brushes Pre-Order Event!

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Want to go behind the scenes and learn all about makeup brushes? Watch our webinar on "Brush Hour: How Makeup Brushes Are Made!"

I'm bringing back old school with a TWIST! Introducing "The Nude Makeup Brush" collection! 

Back in the early 90's, I fell in love with natural hair pony and sable brushes. They painted so beautifully and created the most gorgeous, natural looks. I still have those brushes today!


  • For the ease of pre-sales, these brushes will be sold as a "collection".
  • After launch, brushes will be sold individually at regular retail prices.
  • Open to the first 300 people to pre-pay. Once they are sold, full retail price will apply.
  • Expected delivery between Sept 1-Oct 31, 2016, depending on international shipping schedule.
  • Remember, we do not do "pro" discounts. The only time we do "discounts" is on pre-launch & relaunch items.


  • While the expected arrival date is between Sept 1-October 31, due to international shipping, we could plus or minus 30-35 days. 
  • When you pre-purchase, there will be no refunds unless your order can not be processed on our end or if we fail to meet minimum of 300 sets.*
  • As of July 5, 2016 we have 80 sets left available.

Because of this price, when you purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions of the pre-sale offer. 

Individual Brush Price: $533
Pre-Sale Price: (First 300) $199
Will be available until we hit the 300 pre-set sold.


This pre-sale collection will include the following natural hair brushes. 

Individual Brush Price: $533
Pre-Sale Price: (First 300) $199
Wholesale: $266.50 

1. Brow Definer (ox) $24
2. Brow Groomer (Synthetic) $14
3. Cream Eye (Sable) $28
4. Concealer (Sable) $26
5. Crease Blender (Pony) $26
6. Eye Shader (Pony) $26
7. Foundation (Sable) $78
8. Stipple (Synthetic. Will be a white dual tone synthetic in final set) $48
9. Blush & Powder (Pony) $42
10.Cream Cheek (Synthetic)$32
11.Retractable Lip Brush (Sable) $26
12.Smokey Detail (Pony)$26
13.Base Shadow (Pony) $26
14.Bent Liner (Sable) $24
15.Smudge & Smolder (Pony) $24
16.Small Crease Blender (Pony) $26
17.Angled Stipple (Synthetic) $42
18.Brow & Liner (Sable) $24

Individual Brush Price: $533
Pre-Sale Price: (First 300) $199
Wholesale: $281.50

Outside USA? Get and get our products in your country! 

Special Note: Because of this incredible price, you agree to the terms of the pre-sale agreement at purchase. You fully understand that brushes should arrive between Sept 1-Oct 31, 2016. I also understand that it could be early November before actually receiving them.

There are no refunds on the pre-sale event. Please consider this when making your purchase.