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Cream Face


Cream Face

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Goat & Synthetic

Use With:
Cream blush, liquid foundations, cream foundations & powders

You Get:
Fresh color on your cheeks that looks fresh and radiant. Flawless skin that looks perfect in any light.

Why you'll love it:
The length of the bristles provides you control when applying liquid foundation or cream blush. Second, the density of the synthetic fibers gives you a streak free, airbrushed finish. Third, this brush allows you to achieve coverage of any cream product. Less product on your skin means a more natural, skin like appearance.  

Makeup Tip:
When applying cream blush using the tip of this brush will buff out the  harsh edges for a more natural, effortless look.

Apply a small amount of cream or liquid blush to your skin with your fingers. Then with tip of the brush, using feather strokes, blend upward and outward to blend to perfection.

When using as a foundation brush, apply small amounts to the face and then use this brush to move in a sweeping, downward motion.