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White Goat

Use With:
Powders and powder blush 

You Get:
An airbrushed look that helps you look more youthful and fresh.

Why you'll love it:
The smaller head of this brush is great for delicately blending and buffing on finishing powders all over the skin for a more fresh, youthful, look.
The dome shaped head is also great for applying blush perfectly to the apples of the cheeks for a more romantic look.

Makeup Tip:
Use circular motions and never lift the makeup brush off the skin when buffing on finishing powders or blushes. The result will be a perfectly blended flush of color that looks natural and effortless.

Apply a small amount of blush to the domed tip of this brush. Then using circular  motions, apply color to the apples of your cheeks.
When using as a finishing powder brush, apply a small amount of powder to the domed tip and then buff in circular motions.